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Billy was originally trained in Biology and Psychology but found his way into the amazing world of data science. He loves to analyze all types of data especially scientific data. Due to the history of analyzing data from 20+ research projects he is well trained to determine exactly the type of data analysis you will need for your project. He loves adding value to other people’s lives especially those who are advancing their field of scientific research. He loves geeking out over all things science whether it is about an ant species or peregrine falcons or the expanses of the universe, he loves to talk about it all.


Billy lives in North Carolina with his beautiful wife and young son. His interests span not just data analysis but running, nutrition, the environment, birding, climate change, entrepreneurship, and mentorship.


Billy also sells amazing products from his live, online store which you can check out here. If you are interested to learn more about Billy’s other business and how you can potentially earn a position on his coaching and mentorship team, use the “Contact us” form to the right and put “Mentorship” in the subject line.


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