Literature Review

We find key articles in the scientific literature to enhance your research and make critical recommendations

Data Cleaning

Perform valuable data cleaning and manipulation to prepare for analysis.

Data Analysis

Analyze your data efficiently and effectively.

Data Visualization

Create stunning visuals for your data.


Interpret your data so you know exactly what the analysis is telling you.

Bigger Picture

Zoom out and look at how your research impacts scientific advancement for your field.

outliers - a graph made by a scientific data analyst

City Health Scores

Are you interested to know which United States city is the healthiest among some of the top 500 US cities?

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The Effect of Whisper Calls

Female Veeries will change where they decide to settle based upon the location of highly aggressive males who produce more Whisper Calls. What exactly are Whisper Calls and how do they impact females?

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picture of NC rainfall made by scientific data analyst

Predicted Rainfall for North Carolina

North Carolina is looking like it will continue to have considerably more rain in the upcoming years. Learn how this was predicted and what it means for your city.

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